Anja Schlothmann, Seeking Beauty Necklace/Pendant

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    The components for the ‘Seeking Beauty’ necklace/pendant are inspired by the intricate beautiful gold and silver work to be found at the Green Vault museum in Dresden, Germany. Particularly by the work of Johann Melchior Dinglinger, 1664-1731, one of Europe’s greatest goldsmiths who was assisted by two of his brothers. Despite encountering a lot of tragedy in his life, Johann Melchior continued to produce the most beautiful pieces. It is my desire that this piece may reflect just a tiny bit of the work which came out of his golden hands.
    The necklace consists out of several main components attached to each other by use of an intricate ‘bridge’ like smaller component. The main component can also be used as an individual pendant and… with a little adjustment, it can be woven into a cross like shape. I continued to experiment with this intricate design and came up with a beaded bead as well which I added later in time as a bonus to the pattern. In class however we will focus on the main component. Once you are able to weave this main component, with the help of the pattern, you should be able to complete the rest at home. As you will notice in the pictures, I used a magnet to attach that bottom component. This way you will be able to attach any of your personal pendants if you prefer to do so simply by attaching a magnet to your piece.

    Stitches Used:
    ‘Anja S’ Creative Bead-Design

    The costs for the kits will be announced|Die Kosten für das Kit werden noch bekannt gegeben


    Please NOTE:
    The pendant is attached with a magnet and can be easily replaced with another pendant piece if so desired


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    Level: Intermediate
    Required: Basic Knowledge of Odd- and Even Count Peyote Stitch

    Colors of materials in kits may vary from screen color.
    Teardrops used in projects may differ from ones shown in photographs

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