Mindfulness through Drawing

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    Drawing is the perfect way to get mindful, because it makes you focus on your senses. It is impossible to feel rushed or worried, when you are in the midst of truly seeing and drawing.

    When did you last take the time to observe the shape of a tree, or the rhythm in the lines of a building? In this 2,5-hour workshop, we will practice specific techniques to start experiencing the intense, focused way of seeing that artists use to create lifelike drawings. Once you learn how to make this mental shift, you will be able to instantly slow down and be in the moment, at any time or place. Everyday objects will reveal their extraordinary beauty, once you start to really SEE them.


    Learn how to make the mental shift from ordinary, everyday looking to intense, focused SEEing.

    - 2,5 hour workshop on a weeknight
    - small group, individual attention
    - english + german speaking teacher
    - a relaxed, intimate setting


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    Take this chance to turn off your phone for a couple of hours, experience mindfulness in action and spark your creativity!

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    Drinks, snacks & all materials are included.

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    Marienburger Str. 2
    10409 Berlin, Deutschland

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