23.06.2017 um 08:35

Einzelanfertigung - Höhere VK Preise & Trotzdem Kaufen


Es ist nicht neu, dass Massenprodukte im Schmucksegment heute primär in China, Indonesien, Philippinen, Sri Lanka ...produziert werden. Es liegt auch nicht an besondere kreative Fähigkeiten,  sondern einizg allein an den niedrigen Lohnkosten....

Die Bloggerin Anastasiia Niesheva hat hierzu mal einige Punkte unseres Erachtens nach sehr schön herausgearbeitet, besonders jene, die den qualitätiv nachhaltigen Aspekt betonen. Diese sehen wir auch produktübergreifend. Leider ist der Blogartikel nur auf englisch.

Dear readers, if you’re reading this post, you probably have been wondering at least once about how to define the real cost for unique handmade jewelry. Today, I am going to try helping you in that. Traditionally, handmade jewelry cost more than units from the mass market. And if you’re wondering why buying handmade jewelry is still better than buying mass-produced jewelry, we’ve got some reasons for you to consider.

Reason # 1 – Contribution to New Market Model

Well, when you purchase high quality adornments made by artists who cherish their work and think about what they’re delivering, you support new market model. This financial model gives imaginative and persevering individuals the capacity to be involved in the activity they love and would like to share with others.

You definitely have heard before the phrase “Vote with your money“.  This is exactly what you do when you buy handmade jewelry. Just think about that. You are truly able to make a difference by demonstrating your support to independent artists who are creating high quality items for individuals with reasonable pricing.

Reason # 2 – Nature-friendly and Low Waste

It will not be surprise for you if I say that everything nowadays is being produced in China, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka mostly. And you know why. Because of the low labor costs. Definitely, this production scheme have certain benefits in terms of  product pricing and unemployment levels in producing countries. However, in terms of nature it has only costs.

Mass-market production always was, and for decades to come, will be an increasingly polluting activity. No matter what exactly you produce, a chemicals or a jewelry, there always will be a hazardous influence on nature and Earth. There will be air pollution related to production process itself. Water pollution to get these mass-market products from the location that they’re made to the location where they will be sold. And I am not even telling about the fact that these items are usually being made from plastic that needs hundreds of years to decompose.

However, this is not required when you purchase handmade products, especially when they are delivered from within your own country. The trends that are prevailing among the jewelry makers support completely the idea of smart consumption and nature friendliness. Check this post to learn more about latest Handmade Jewelry Trends for Summer 2017 – 2018. 

Reason # 3 – Get Exactly What You Pay For

Ordinarily, ladies’ adornments are not cheap. However, mass-created items, while being usually way cheaper, do not give you any assurance on its durability. Handmade jewelry is usually made of more durable materials, with more time and efforts invested. That it why, handmade jewelry is usually longer-lasting than mass-produced. So, buying handmade you can be sure, that it’s higher prices are rational and they will pay off to you by the years of service.

Reason # 4 – Get the Latest in Trends

When new trends in women’s handmade jewelry appear (and they always do), some time usually passes before mass-market jewelry producers adopt them in their designs. And this is frustrating. Even more time is needed if you’re living a bit far from the main fashion centers of the world. In this case you should wait till your local producers or sellers will get to know about new trends and decide to start finally importing or retailing trendy jewelry.

With handmade jewelry,  there will be far less wait-time. You will not have to wait for large companies to design and then produce the product. Handmade items that were created today are available for purchase today, maximum tomorrow. This is how you can ensure that you’re getting the latest in trends and production.

Reason # 5 – Enjoy Better Customer Service

Imagine following situation. You have bought  a new jewelry item. You enjoy your new purchase and can’t wait to try it on. Suddenly, after opening you box, you see only separate pieces. You item came to you, broken! What will you do? Of course, contact a producer. How do you think, how much time will it take for you to get a refund if it is a big corporation? What if was an independent handmade jeweler?  Seems to be easier, right?

It is much easier to reach out to a small business and receive a helpful answer than it is to reach out to large corporations. Small businesses grow on excellent reviews and customer satisfaction for both products and experience in purchasing from them. You can even reach out to a small business owner to see if they’d be willing to make a custom item exactly to your specifications.

Reason # 6 – Uniqueness

Mass-produced items will obviously all look the same. They do not have a soul and usually have a much simpler design than something that is handmade. When you buy handcrafted items, you will never worry about seeing someone else wearing the exact same piece. You will also be able to find much more intricate designs that show the true artisanship behind the piece.

As you can see, buying handmade products not only benefits you, but also the world around you. They do cost more, but they have a soul. They are made with love, specially for you. Isn’t it worth paying more?